Get Paid to Play.

Play your favourite games and receive cryptocurrency when you win matches and tournaments.
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South Korea
Hong Kong

Every Gamer's Dream.

Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favourite games such as Counter-Strike and Dota 2.

Play with Friends.
Or Go Solo

Regardless of how you play, Bountie’s proprietary Matchmaking Engine helps you find players of similar skill levels to promote even match ups.

More Ways to Play.

Take part in competitive knock-out style tournaments and receive Bountie Coins (BTIE) based on your performance.
Seasonal Leaderboards
Receive extra earnings when you top quarterly Leaderboards.
Complete daily quests to earn more Bountie coins.

Works with your Favourite Games.

Bountie will support crowd favourites such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Dota 2 at launch, with support for your favourite Mobile Games in the pipeline.

Weekly Tournaments

Hosted by Bountie, 3 types of tournaments will be held every week.
Take part in our weekly tournaments with your team by paying a small fee. Together with fees from your opponents, a prize money will be formed.
Time to time, sponsored tournaments will be held in collaboration with hardware and software merchants. Winners of these tournaments will be awarded with merchandises. We would be looking to hold tournaments with Logitech and DX Racer in 2018.
Free to Play
Want the excitement of playing on your own? Join our Free to Play tournaments to pit against other gamers. Champions of each tournament will be placed in a main event where the champion of all will walk away will merchant products and Bountie Coins.

Meet Bountie Coins.

Bountie Coins (BTIE) are the exclusive and underlying currency on the platform. They may be used to buy into tournaments, as well as to trade and purchase gaming products. Aside from match winnings and quest rewards, Bountie Coins may be acquired through:
Referral Rewards
Purchase of Bountie Coins

So are you game for Bountie?

Bountie is currently in development. Leave your email address below and gain exclusive access to the beta when it’s ready.
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