Gaming will never be the same again.

What is Bountie?


The Bountie ICO

with 15% Pre-Sale Bonus
Pre-Sale / 29 April, 2018






Total Supply


Tokens will be up for sale in the ICO


Bonus tokens during

150 Million Tokens

to go on sale

Soft Cap 15M tokens
(3,750 ETH)

Private Sale 25M tokens sold
(6,000 ETH)

Hard Cap 150M tokens
(37,500 ETH)

Total Supply 200M Tokens

Pre-sale (29 Apr - 1 Jun) 110M Tokens

ICO (2 Jun - 13 Jun) 15M Tokens

(Not for sale)

The Opportunity

Bountie capitalises on an untapped opportunity to challenge the gaming lifestyle.
An Industry on the Rise.

The global revenue from the gaming industry is projected to grow +8.2% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) and hit US$143.5 billion in 2020.

Enter Asia.

The Asian market alone accounts for 49% of the industry’s revenues. This makes Asia the perfect starting point for Bountie.

A Smarter Way To Play.

Play what you love. Get paid for it.

With Bountie, gamers can play top competitive titles and get paid in Bountie Tokens.

Tournaments & One-Off Matches

Gamers can join tournaments or challenge teams in one-off matches and earn Bountie tokens when they win.

Leaderboards & Quests

Gamers can participate in leaderboard rankings and quests, for additional rewards.

But wait,
there’s more!

Keeping It Fair.

Bountie uses proprietary matchmaking algorithms to analyse and match gamers of similar skill levels, guaranteeing fair matchups and competitive balance.

Immediate Match Rewards

Nothing is as satisfying as instant gratification. Gamers can claim their match rewards instantly after the match is over.

Game Anytime

Game anytime, anywhere with friends.

Bountie Tokens.

One currency. Five ways to transact.
Withdraw Cash.

Receive cash directly in your preferred bank account.

Spend with Cryptocurrency Cards.

Use BOUNTIE for everyday expenses with cards like TenX.

Convert to Other Currencies.

Easily convert your BOUNTIE to Bitcoin, Ether, and others.

Buy into Bountie Tournaments.

Join Pro Tournaments on Bountie using BOUNTIE.

Shop in Bountie Store

Buy discounted gaming products from brands like LogitechG and MSI.

Smart. Swift. Secure.

Bountie tokens will be created using Ethereum’s ERC20 Token Standard. Using ERC20, we are able to:
  • Implement Smart Contracts.
  • Verify transactions swiftly using blockchain technology.
  • Eliminate fraud and tampering.
Fund Allocation. Here is how the funds from Bountie’s Token Sale will be allocated.
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Our Roadmap
Bountie Roadmap
The Team
Meet the faces behind Bountie.
Lex Na Lex Na Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer
Darren Lee Darren Lee Co-Founder
Chief Operating Officer
Remek Lipinski Remek Lipinski Chief Technology Officer
Jose He Jose He Co-Founder
Chief Performance Officer
Daniel Rajesh Daniel Rajesh Chief Marketing Officer
Check Ho Check Ho Head of Gaming
Jonathan Toyad Jonathan Toyad Head of Content
Desmond Teo Charlie Tan Head of Community
Desmond Teo Desmond Tan Head of Business Development
Desmond Teo Sabir Ansari Head of Communications
Dao Binh Dao Binh Senior Developer
Jordan Seet Jordan Seet Developer
The Advisors
Meet our advisors.
Prasad Phadke Prasad Phadke Strategic Business Advisor
Marc Bell Marc Bell Gaming Advisor
Kenneth Yeo Kenneth Yeo Gaming Advisor
Peter Sin Peter Sin Cryptocurrency Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin Vladimir
Cryptocurrency Advisor
Nikolay Shkilev Nikolay
ICO Advisor
Phillip Nunn Phillip
ICO Advisor
Haryanto Soemito Haryanto
Business Advisor
The Inside Scoop.
Here's what's going on at Bountie.