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Pre-Sale Starts on 29th Jan 2018
Pre-Sale Countdown
70% out of 150,000,000 tokens up for grabs.
1 ETH = 4,000 Bountie Coins(BNE)
  • Pre-Sale Bonus - 15%

Bountie will begin with 47% of the Industry.

Home to many of gaming’s biggest markets, including South Korea and Japan, Asia accounts for 47% of the global gaming industry. With many of these markets still in their infancies, this spells massive Opportunity with a capital O.
South Korea
Hong Kong
The Market
The Market
The Gaming industry consists of 30% of the World’s population, or approximately 392x of Singapore’s population.
The Opportunity
Global revenue from the Gaming industry rose from $194 million to $463 million between 2014 and 2016. That’s an impressive 239% growth rate, and there are neither signs of this slowing down nor is the market near saturation yet.
The Opportunity
The Solution
The Solution
By seeding incentivised competitive matches and tournaments, Bountie aims to be the future of gaming by enabling Gamers to continue doing what they love while making a living off it.

Here's Why So Many People Are Talking About Bountie.

Proprietary Matchmaking System
Bountie uses algorithms to match players with similar skill levels. This retains an element of competitiveness by ensuring fair and even match-ups.
Leaderboards and Tournaments
There will be leaderboards on Bountie. On top of match winnings, players receive additional earnings when they top the charts.
Immediate Match Rewards
Nothing is as satisfying as instant gratification. Players buy into matches or tournaments with Bountie Coins when participating in matches and claim the stakes of their opponents when they win the match.
Party Support
Players may group up with friends or play solo. For team-based games, solo players will be matched with other similarly ranked players using Bountie’s Matchmaking System.

How are Bountie Coins Acquired?

Here are some ways through which Bountie Coins are acquired.

Purchases made through the Bountie platform.
Match Winnings.
Leaderboard and Tournament Winnings.
Quest Completions (e.g. Playing x matches a week, logging in daily for 2 weeks, etc.).
Referral Rewards.
Promotion and Marketing Giveaways.

What Can Bountie Coins Be Used For?

Bountie Coins may be used to...

Buy into competitive matches and tournaments
Purchase of merchandise, hardware and games

What's Next?

29th Jan 2018
5th Feb 2018
Launch of Bountie Alpha Test
Launch of Bountie Public Beta
Launch of Bountie 1.0

ICO Details

70% or 105 Million Bountie Coins to be released for sale. Pre-Sale will be done on
Pre-ICO Backers will receive 15% bonus coins on top of their contribution. For example, if the Backer supports the Campaign for 1 ETH, he will receive 4,000 + 600(Bonus Coins) = 4,600 Bountie Coins.
Public Sale
30% or 45 million Bountie Coins to go on Sale.
Sale of Bountie Coins will adopt a waterfall model. Any unsold Bountie Coins from the Pre-Sale will be brought into the Public Sales pool. Any unsold Bountie Coins from the Public Sales pool will remain within the Bountie platform and held by the Bountie Team. All Bountie Coins held by the team will not be sold for at least 6 months.

Behind Bountie

Mervin Teo, CEO
Mervin Teo
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Visionary and Creative Director with 5 years of expertise in Marketing and Software Development. Game Addict. Joined 3 years of WCG and other offline/online Tourneys.
Lex Na, COO
Lex Na
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Founder of a boutique Digital Agency, A couple of e-Commerce businesses. Has experience and expertise in the tech industry for the past 10 years. Previously Ranked Top 10 in Warcraft 3 Ladder Games.
Darren Lee, CTO
Darren Lee
Chief Technology Officer
Well honed in the areas of Design, Development and Business, Darren heads Fixx Digital - one of Singapore’s leading Digital Agencies, and has spearheaded projects for Clients such as DBS Bank, Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines.
Jose He, Chief People Officer
Jose He
Chief People Officer
Founder of a pet technology startup with more than 10 years experience as a senior business development strategist. Former executive chairman of Speaker & Trainer Association. Dota 2 enthusiast and CS:GO fanatic.
Guan Zhen, CFO
Guan Zhen Tan
Chief Financial Officer
A meticulous entrepreneur who once founded a payments platform running on the blockchain and also grew up gaming at home every day. Ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker with a business degree from Columbia University.
Daniel Rajesh, Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel Rajesh
Chief Marketing Officer
Award winning APAC marketing expert and brand builder with 7 years of managing multiple leadership roles within industry leading MNCs like Procter & Gamble and Autodesk. Led a team expansion of 20 people to 70 people.
Jonathan Toyad, Head Of Content
Jonathan Toyad
Head Of Content
Former writer, freelancer, and editor for video game & tech publications such as GameAxis, Hardware Zone, GameSpot, IGN AP,, and Red Bull. Expert in content creation for all things video games and eSports.
Desmond Tan, Business Development
Desmond Tan
Business Development
Co-founder of a regional advertising agency, a flamboyant on stage aficionado with 7 years of experiences in events. Former speaker and presenter for a foreign property developer in China & Indonesia.
Athirah Syamimi, Content Producer
Athirah Syamimi
Content Producer
Founder of an online publication. Has passion in content creation and bringing people together. Extremely excited with the revolution in the gaming industry.
Vy Nguyen, Community Mananger
Vy Nguyen
Community Mananger
Initiator and inspirer of various seeding projects for young people. Best at starting things from scratch and leaving legacies. A keen learner with a can-do attitude and dynamic personality.
Edmund Lee, Growth Hacker
Edmund Lee
Growth Hacker
An avid marketer, salesman, entrepreneur by day, fanatic gamer and musician by night, Edmund brings growth hacking to the table. Challenge him to a round of CS:GO, DOTA or Mobile Legends and brace yourself for the rollercoaster ride ahead!


Kenneth Yeo
Kenneth Yeo
Gaming Advisor
Top few derivatives trader since 2011. Killer instinct for capitalizing on opportunities, ability to handle pressure & lightning-quick reactions that were honed in eSports where he was one of the most decorated gamer. Currently at Omega Proprietary Trading Pte Ltd.
Haryanto Soemito
Haryanto Soemito
Business Advisor
Partner of DXRacer Singapore, An Entrepreneur & gaming fanatic. Since 2011, started and partnered up businesses focusing in his passion. Venture Partner of Global919 - GreenTech Venture Capital for Now and Future Generation
Peter Sin
Peter Sin
Cryptocurrency Advisor
Frequent speaker and panelist on forums and seminars on cryptocurrencies. Co-Head of Digital Currency Sub-Committee of Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS). Co-Founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club, Singapore's largest cryptocurrency trading educational community.
Gerald Ho
Gerald Ho
Marketing Advisor
Founder at That Content Guy, 6 years of experience in the digital marketing and content strategist space. Worked with international brands like Adobe, Brother International, Canon, Darlie, Frasers Hospitality, Invisalign, Kodak Alaris, Lenovo, Logitech and Microsoft.
Sabrina Wang
Sabrina Wang
Media & PR Advisor
Passionate entrepreneur with a fashion, technology and media background; featured across medias such as INC. Asean, The Straits Times, LadyBoss Asia, etc. introverted geek, enthusiastic in MMO, FPS and RTS games. Featured ‘corporate warrior’ for OMEN by HP.

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